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Dedicated to angelicbuttons. Get well soon Louisa!

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Constructive criticism is more than appreciated!

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x) I will, it's not fun having the flu and being unable to taste anything at all.
-goes off to change msn dp-
:D That is why you must recover soon~

Or you can't taste the chocolates!
/--/ come to think of it, chocolates start everything.
Did you cross-post?
Ahaha, chocolates start the whole chain of falling sick but is also the love of many people!

Yupps, everywhere that I can think of
a love of mine, yes. but it seems that whenever I start eating chocolates after a long period of not having done so - I fall really sick and then start the whole process again. boohoo D:
D: Does eating them regularly help prevent that from happening?
>< I have no idea, it used to work! Now I can't even start eating chocolate regularly
D: Maybe you grew immune to it?
... that would seriously suck! D:
Ahaha, maybe if you continue to eat them, the problem will stop?

>.> you will just totally loose your voice
... D: I'm coughing, and I still eat more chocolates?
I think I'll be extremely high, loud and unbelievably unreasonable.
this is so valentine HAHAHA.
ne, where do you get all the stocks?? :X

Ahaha, Happy VDay to ya!

For the Vday ones, witch_fairy [Confirmed!] and the others, tearjerkericons or naginis. I can't remember who sorry!

Took #33, 37, 40! Thanks! Will credit!
:D Thanks~
Taking #17! Will credit! ♥
(: Thanks~