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angelicbuttons in paperpapillon


Code Geass 03 (random scans)
Number of bases: 70 (.png format)
Size of file: 2.07 MB (in .zip format)
Warnings: Nada~
Rules: Comments are appreciated if taking (coughcough) and please credit angelicbuttons / paperpapillon  when using! Please mention me in your icon/resource post if you use my bases~
Download: [DA] [MF]

Side note: XD I am finally done with my folder of random CG scans, now I dare not touch my folder of scans. :3 prod me if you want any requests~

Other sets of bases may be found here
And join / watch for updates~


<3 Set three of bases! XD
HAHAYESH, after oh-so many months >
but hey! IT IS STILL DONE! \o\
omg omg omg....*can't breathe*
love them! xD gonna get some!
(x breathe!
Taking, thank you ^_________________^
:D thanks
Downloading and will credit when I use! Thank you so much for sharing those! ♥
you're welcome (:
Thank u SO much or these! i really really am very grateful ^///^
Really Thank u xD!
thank you ^^

add to my memories!